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The President and Founder of BoardWorks Consulting Inc., Maureen Reid, received a Doctor of Civil Law degree, honoris causa, from Saint Mary’s University this morning. “This is a very special day for my family and me. The Convocation was wonderful and it’s a privilege to share this experience with so many young, talented SMU graduates.”

Dr. Maureen Reid delivered the Convocation Address.

Saint Mary’s University announced today that Maureen Reid, President of BoardWorks Consulting Inc. will be one of six distinguished leaders to be awarded honorary degrees during the University’s Spring Convocation. “Saint Mary’s University has a proud tradition of conferring honorary degrees upon individuals whose accomplishments are consistent with our scholarly mission,” said Saint Mary&s President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray when releasing the names.  “We are very pleased to recognize Douglas McGregor, Bassam Nahas, Kim Phuc Phan Thi, Maureen Reid, Pauline Scott, and Annette Verschuren with the University’s highest honour and look forward to welcoming them to the Santamarian family.”

Maureen Reid Among Six Distinguished Leaders To Be Honoured at Convocation

Top row: Douglas McGregor, Pauline Scott, Kim Phuc Phan Thi Bottom row: Annette Verschuren, Maureen Reid, Bassam Nahas

For additional details, please visit http://www.smu.ca/about/news/2016/six-distinguished-leaders-to- be-honoured- at-convocation.html

Maureen Reid Returns to BoardWorks

We are delighted to announce that Maureen Reid has returned to her consulting practice at BoardWorks Consulting Inc. Maureen valued her 18-month experience as the Corporate Secretary of The Shaw Group Limited. However, after a diagnosis of breast cancer in May 2014 and related treatments until June 2015 during which period she continued to work as much as possible, Maureen decided that the flexibility of a consulting practice was a better fit for her moving forward. “I have returned to full health and feel great. I was very fortunate that the Shaw opportunity came along when it did. I learned a lot from the great people associated with that company and feel very good about the contributions that I was able to make during my tenure as Corporate Secretary. After a summer at my cottage, I am rested and ready to get back to serving wonderful clients on interesting governance and strategic planning projects.” We are thrilled that Maureen is back and we know the marketplace is also happy that she is back.

Maureen Reid Pursues New Opportunity

Maureen Reid has accepted a new position as the Corporate Secretary of The Shaw Group Limited effective January 4, 2014. This senior leadership role includes responsibility for safety oversight, human resources leadership, corporate communications, governance support and liaison of legal services. “I love my consulting work and this was a very difficult decision for me to make. In the end, I could not resist taking on the challenge of a new role that knits together all of my past experiences as a labour and employment lawyer, governance and strategic planning consultant and community volunteer. The Shaw Group is a very well-regarded regional company and I look forward to joining their senior leadership team.” Maureen will complete all ongoing consulting assignments as she transitions to her new role. She will also facilitate the referral of new opportunities to other service providers.

BoardWorks Targets Women on Boards

BoardWorks played a leadership role in organizing a workshop for members of the International Women’s Forum, Altantic Chapter.  The workshop took place on October 18-19, 2012 and featured speakers that included Deborah Gillis, Chief Operating Officer, Catalyst, Elizabeth Beale, CEO, Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, Aldea Landry, President, Landal Inc., Dale Godsoe, Corporate Director and Community Leader, Cathy Bennett, CEO of the Bennett Group of Companies and Corporate Directors and our own Maureen Reid, President, BoardWorks Consulting Inc.

The research is clear.  Organizations with boards that have a diverse composition perform better than those that do not.  Yet, there is much work to be done to improve the representation of smart, talented and accomplished women on corporate boards in Canada.  BoardWorks is pleased to support initiatives designed to enhance the diversity of boards in Canada and beyond.

The Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC) organizes an annual governance learning symposium for members of workers’ compensation boards in Canada.  This year’s conference was held in Whitehorse and was hosted by the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Board.  Conference organizers opted for the theme of “Showtime: Focus on Governance” and asked BoardWorks’ Maureen Reid to moderate the two-day conference like Barbara Walters on The View.   Panellists were seated in comfortable wing-back chairs on stage.  After preliminary remarks, Maureen engaged them in questions and answers that included questions from the audience.  In addition to learning valuable information, conference participants enjoyed a laugh or two and even a beautiful and spontaneous rendition of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.  As part of the two-day symposium, BoardWorks also designed and delivered a half-day Governance 101 Workshop.  This is the fourth time since 2007 that BoardWorks has facilitated the AWCBC national governance symposium.

Maureen Reid Joins National Board

Maureen Reid has joined the national board of directors of the International Women’s Forum, Canada Chapter.  She is taking on the role of Director, Succession Planning and will be responsible for ensuring a smooth transition of leadership on the national board.  The International Women’s Forum (IWF) has 5000 members across 5 continents and 26 nations.  Its purpose is the advancement of leadership across careers, cultures and continents by connecting the world’s most preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement.  Maureen first became involved in 2001 when she was selected as one of thirteen women from a global pool of applicants to participate in the prestigious IWF Leadership Foundation Fellows program.

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