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Governance with Maureen Reid, BoardWorks Consulting Inc.BoardWorks collaborates with boards to:

  • Design and deliver board orientation and education programs
  • Develop key board processes such as board recruitment, CEO evaluation, CEO succession planning and board evaluation
  • Clarify board and senior management responsibilities and roles
  • Conduct a board evaluation or comprehensive governance review
  • Review board structure and related terms of reference
  • Develop annual work plans for the board and its committees
  • Coach new board chairs and/or committee chairs
  • Develop governance policies
  • Design and facilitate board retreats or national governance-related conferences
  • Clarify and document roles and responsibilities in joint ventures and horizontal government initiatives

Whether a board is at the helm of a mature organization or the first board of a start-up organization, BoardWorks can help improve the board’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.

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We invite you to find out more about our approach and our services by exploring this site or by contacting us. We would love to hear from you.

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