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“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”

– Anonymous

Results-focused organizations know the value of having a clear, focused and measurable strategic plan guiding their ongoing evaluation of choices and their allocation of resources.

strategic-planning-boardworksA solid strategic plan is also a cornerstone of an effective relationship between a board and its senior management team. It enables corporate leaders to “get on the same page” regarding the organization’s desired outcomes and its principal strategies for achieving those results. A good strategic plan also needs to be adaptable – it needs to be capable of mid-course corrections/changes in response to the organization’s changing environment and its lived and learned experience.

We work with senior management teams and/or boards to:

  • Design a strategic planning process that engages the right stakeholders at the right point in the process
  • Complete a thorough environmental scan to identify relevant context and trends
  • Ensure the organization’s mission remains relevant and appropriate
  • Describe the long-term vision for the organization in clear and meaningful ways
  • Identify strategic choices and associated risks
  • Develop scenarios for consideration of their potential implications for the organization
  • Define strategic themes, outcomes and measures of success that are appropriate for the organization’s “age and stage” (from start-up to mature)
  • Draft the organization’s strategic plan
  • Develop related scorecards or dashboards to monitor the organization’s progress.

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